Video Game Review: Combat Arms

I have recently been nearly overwhelmed with requests for my list of free FPS games available for download on the Internet, and I thought I would post a review on AC of the one that made it to the top of my list: Combat Arms. So here goes.

Actually, CA is the most recent FPS I found while perusing the Internet. I have only been playing it for three weeks. Or, to rephrase it, I have been playing ONLY it for three weeks. I first became aware of CA through a friend who works for G4TV (as an intern. I am most definitely NOT friends with Kevin or Olivia. Although, a man can always dream….). He told me to check the games site out and see if it looked enjoyable, and if it did he would let me use his account to test it out (I don’t like making accounts to games unless I know I will use them. Something about having an abandoned character out there makes me feel bad). I tested it for about half an hour before I had my account made and was tearing that game up. It really is the best free FPS out there.


The graphics in CA are some of the best I have seen in ANY FPS, and they are THE best I have seen in a free FPS. Just like Bandar judi bola, Combat arms is one of the best video games with great graphics.  They are sharp, clean and are reminiscent of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and so is the audio. The background noise of CA has the same “I think someone is around this corner! Nope, guess I am all safe. Maybe I should-BAM YOU ARE DEAD” feel to it that CoD has, and it could have in fact been inspired by the games feel that another battle was being fought in the distance.


CA has, to me, a familiar yet original feel to it. Because the game has a retail feel, it obviously has very good gameplay. The game feels like it never repeats itself, mostly because of all the nooks and crannies hidden throughout the maps. For instance, one map has a single main bridge players must cross to reach the enemy, so of course much of the action in that map goes down there. However, players can crawl under the bridge and pop up behind the enemy and flank him. Another map has a ravine players have to cross to travel between the two bases, and many a good man has been sniped down in that icy void. The only thing I think could be improved is the prices for renting weapons. Most weapons cost around 800 GP to rent for a day, and that is just a little steep. Of course, the first time I played, I made 114 GP using the M16 you get as a starting weapon. Now, I can usually pull off around 1000 GP using rented weapons, and around 400 to 500 using the M16. Also, the game offers some options to modify weapons by adding things like silencers, sights, and extended clips.


CA is a great game, but while looking at it from the casual gamers perspective, it may seem like its been done before. However, looking at it from an extreme gamers side, it is very innovative, new and fresh. It seems like more and more FPS games are being made that, in all honesty, are very good, but no one ever hears about them. This most definitely wont happen to Combat Arms, but because it is such a good game, it deserves more publicity than it is getting. The most creative feature in CA is the one most easily overlooked-its ability to provide premium FPS action for free. Why should this be considered creative? Well, think about it. How many FPS games are out there? A lot. How many are free? A lot. Now, how many, if they decided to switch to subscription only, would only lose less than, lets say, 20 percent of their players? One. Combat Arms. The reason this is creative? Combat Arms has found a way to make money without charging the average at-home player. Now, I won’t tell you how. I just hope I have sparked that interest in you to go try the game out and become one more loyal player.


CA is an extremely fun game, mostly because of its replay value. It never get old, and I have found myself playing the same map over and over just to find all the hidden spots and secret hiding places- of which there is a plethora on every map.