Waxing Tips: What To Expect In A DIY Brazilian Wax

Everyone has hair all over their body. Some don’t mind having it while others prefer to take it all off. If you’re part of the latter, then you’ve come to the right place. Not many discuss things like waxing but it’s important to know what to expect especially when you’re going to be doing it by yourself.

A DIY Brazilian wax is easy. All you need is your favorite wax and you’re good to go. But there are some important things to note before taking all that hair off and below are a few tips to watch out:

Leave It Long

Don’t shave all your pubic hair before you’re about to wax them. Hair growth has to be at least 1 cm for you to wax it all off. It might get itchy leaving it to grow but it’s important that you do. So try not to shave or trim them too short.


Exfoliating down there is important so as to remove dead skin. It also helps to prevent ingrown hairs afterwards.


Use your favorite wax. If you don’t have any, a recommended wax is Veet’s waxing strips. This way, you don’t have to warm the wax up but only rub your hands with the strips between them. This warms them up nicely for you to easily remove the strip.

Place it opposite the direction of your hair growth. Pull your skin taut as you pull the wax strip off. Don’t wax on the same area twice. It’s recommended to use smaller strips so as to cover all corners effectively.



When you’re done, use oil based wipes to wipe off the excess wax.

Waxing is going to hurt especially if it’s your first time. But when you’re used to it, it won’t hurt as much.

If you’re wondering how long does a Brazilian wax last, the answer to that is 3 to 6 weeks. It’s fairly longer than your usual shave.