What’s There To See In Naples, The Everglades, And Marco Islands

What’s there to see in Florida aside from Orlando? Lots! This state may be filled with retirees but it’s also a great vacation spot for many.

Florida isn’t just home to theme parks. It’s also home to the best beaches in the country. Here you can find yourself vacationing in Naples, or visit the Everglades, and even relax in Marco Islands.

Check out these amazing sights to see while you’re in the area:


You’ll know you’re in Naples because of the sophisticated sights. It’s known for its golf courses and beaches. But the best things to see in Naples are actually the arts, culture and definitely the sunset.

Naples has events all year round that you only need to pick a month and they’ll have an event for you. These include:

  • National Art Festival
  • Buggy Races
  • Canoe Races
  • Restaurant Weeks
  • Film Festival
  • Stone Crab Festival
  • Christmas Boat Parade

It may be a small city but Naples has so much for you to see and do when you arrive.

Everglades National Park

The Everglades National Park is without a doubt the most immersive activity you can get. It’s a large park that boasts of a lot of activities. You can go fishing or kayaking. You can also go camping or boating. There’s also hiking, bicycling and even a tour if you want it a little more laid back. If you want an adventure filled vacation, then the Everglades is for you.

Marco Islands

There are many things to do in Marco Island. One of which is to enjoy the beach. If this may be too relaxing for you then you can book a tour to get you to go dolphin watching. There’s also a historic museum and a fabulous shopping center. You’ll never get bored in Marco Islands.