Where Can I Find A Good Explainer Animation Video Studio?


An explainer animation video is an animated video that is used to explain a company’s policy and or product. The video is a short clip that explains to a consumer how to use the services and or products of the company. These kinds of videos engage the audience, and it is a marketing strategy that a company uses.


Where can you find the explainer video company?

There are many companies online that provide these services. They ask the client for the details of the product, and they decide upon the theme of the video. Their charges depend upon the duration of the video, and for example, company X can charge Rs. 12,500 for a 30-second video. They make a 2D or 3D video. The main motto or goal of the company is to increase its sales. The video usually has a catchy phrase or song that a person remembers. The next time they want to make a purchase of a similar product, they will choose the company whose video they saw than any other company.

There are also studios all over the city which offer the same services. If the client doesn’t approve of the video, they remake it. The studio also earns some percentage of the profits in sales earned because of the video. They hire employees who make animation clips in various styles and sound effects. The colours and the line and the video attract the customers and compel them to buy it.

Companies like twitter make use of such videos wherein it’s difficult to explain their services in a description on the page. A classic example is the swiggy video. The video explains the services provided as well as gives a catchy tag line, which compels the users to buy their services.