WiFi: The Next Big Health Threat

Recently, a study was conducted that revealed that cell phones can cause cancer of the mouth if used for a few hours on a day to day basis. It is thought that the radiation that the cell phones emit can cause tumors to form in the mouth. If the radiation emitted by cell phones can do this, just think about what that emitted from a laptop can do.

WiFi users across the globe are experiencing trouble with migraines, and workers in areas where WiFi is used are taking more sick days than before it was in use. Lakehead University in Canada has even banned WiFi use due to the potential health threat, even though these allegations that it is dangerous are unproved. Based on the instances of migraines related directly to WiFi access, however, it seems as if using it could have a negative effect on health.

Technology has moved forward at light speed during the past few years, and researchers just recently were able to test how dangerous cell phones can be, because they were able to study people who have used cell phones for over a decade for hours a day. WiFi technology is relatively new in the technological world, so researchers probably won’t be able to do definitive studies on its effects any time soon.
While there is no real black-and-white evidence that WiFi is dangerous, we should all ask ourselves: is it worth the risk? You could probably ask any of the cell phone abusers from the study on mouth cancer whether chatting for hours a day was worth the end result, and I’m sure they would tell you that they could have lived without so much wireless talking. While it is better to look for some superboost wifi review, your main priority should always be your health and safety. Thus, being aware of the impacts of technology on ourselves is a must.

If the instances of cancer have to do with the radiation emissions, then WiFi could be extremely deadly. A laptop would emit a much larger amount of radiation that a cell phone, and places where many people are using WiFi all at once, like colleges, could end up being death traps. Like cell phones, however, we will probably, for the most part, ignore the dangers, because the negative effects don’t really show up until later on down the road, and not everyone will end up with cancer or tumors from using this technology. It’s a lot like smoking: we’ve all known its bad for us for a very long time and can cause serious, deadly conditions, but we continue to do it anyway, because we’ll be old and won’t care by that time, and some people go their whole lives without getting lung cancer. But if we could all talk to our future selves, after we’ve been diagnosed with cancer or some other horrible disease, I think we’d go back and change the way we live today. Only time will tell.