Once you’ve decided to be fit and workout on a regular basis, the first thing you might possible do is go to the nearest sports store and purchase workout apparel in preparation for your days working out and doing pullover exercise inside and outside the gym. It may seem like a necessity at first, but if not properly controlled you will eventually yourself buying workout products you don’t actually need.

To help you avoid spending money on unnecessary workout apparels and products, we’ve listed down some of the workout purchases that are actually worth buying:

A really comfortable sneaker

Comfort is always a priority during workout. You won’t be able to focus on your exercise routines if you’re not feeling comfortable with what you’re wearing. That’s why its important to have a pair of very comfortable sneakers specifically for workouts. Forget fancy-looking, buying workout sneakers for their comfort, even if you purchase more than one, is a forgivable splurge.

A Fitbit or Smart band

Nowadays, everybody monitors and tracks down various parameters during a workout. Having a smart band or Fitbit will help you keep track of your progress on your journey to becoming more fit. You can connect these devices into your phone and log in data regularly for a more accurate monitoring. Some smart bands even have additional features such as real time pulse reading and monitoring.

A sturdy water bottle

It’s best practice to stay hydrated during intense workouts. Investing on a sturdy water bottle is worth every penny, as it will prove to be really useful especially if you plan on going to the gym frequently. There are water bottles that are vacuum insulated, being able to maintain the temperature of the stored water for a prolonged period of time.