Xbox 360 Tips

So you just received an Xbox 360. As you bust open the box and sniff the new packaging smell, you begin to assemble and get ready to pop in a game. However, you soon run into a problem. What are some of the things you can do with this gaming machine? There is a wide range of things that are available on Xbox and not everyone is familiar with them. Luckily, you have a list of eight tips at your disposal. Beside all these tips, visiting pussy 888 will help you in improving you Xbox experience as well.

Tip #1: Know how much memory is on your Xbox

These days, memory is very important and there are many Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) that are in the market. Depending on how much memory you need to download demos, movies, or even install some games on the HDD, you need to figure how much memory is on your Xbox. For example, you might need a 120 GB HDD if you are prone to downloading many movies and game downloadable content (DLC). If you are not really worried about memory, I would suggest grabbing the discontinued 20 GB HDD which is just enough for occasional DLC and a couple demos. Remember that you can always clear some space if you need additional memory.

Tip #2: Always check the Xbox Dashboard for discounts

There is nothing like buying an Xbox Live Arcade game or buying DLC for a particular game only to have a sale the next week. Occasionally, Xbox Live will offer discounts on certain items such as Xbox Live Arcade games or DLC for something. If you really want some of this additional content, it is usually better to spend money during a sale rather than impulse buying something. Have a little patience, and you too can save some money.

Tip #3: Never leave your Xbox on for extended hours

Sometimes people walk away from their console. It could be that they are making dinner, are talking on the phone, or perhaps they just forget about the console. Leaving an Xbox on for extended periods has many negative consequences. First and foremost, you are wasting power which makes your electric bill rise for no reason. It may also lessen the life of the Xbox by unnecessarily leaving it on. Even though the Xbox goes into a power saving mode after awhile, it still isn’t good to just leave it on for no reason.

Tip #4: You can play music through the Xbox

Having a party and need some cool music that will entertain your quests and lighten up the atmosphere? The Xbox allows you to play music with CDs, DVDs, and even MP3 players. To play MP3 players, simply hook the USB cable in front of the Xbox. Make sure that you download a patch for playing music that is non-DRM otherwise the Xbox will not allow you to play this type of music. You should also note that playing music during a game can cut out some of the audio that the game uses, such as dialogue.

Tip #5: Never move the Xbox while it is reading a disc

Everyone makes this mistake. You need to move the Xbox just a bit to clean something or perhaps grab a game that is underneath it. Must to your surprise, you hear a screeching sound as the Xbox potentially scratches a disc that is being read. Remember to turn off your Xbox before you move it, otherwise you risk damaging game or movie discs in the console’s tray.

Tip #6: Make sure the console has ventilation

The Xbox is notorious for having a hardware failure that is shown with three red lights on the console’s power button. Dubbed “the three red rings of death,” many console owners hate to see this sign as they will have to send the console for repairs or risk buying a new console. Even though Microsoft has vastly improved the hardware of the Xbox 360, it is still important to give the console ventilation. For example, do not have the console locked in a cabinet that has no airflow, otherwise you risk overheating the console. Make sure to have it in an open environment that has plenty of airflow.

Tip #7: Research Games

No one enjoys buying games that are lackluster. After shelling out $60 for a particular game and only realizing that it is awful is truly terrible. In order to combat this, make sure that you research a particular game before buying it. There are several gaming websites that review games pertaining to the Xbox and you should consult these websites before spending a ludicrous amount of money on a title. Remember that you usually cannot return new games when they are opened, so research carefully.

Tip #8: Wait for Price Drops

This is similar to the tip two, however it seems that recently games are becoming cheaper by the year. When the Xbox 360 was first released in 2005, it took forever for used games to drop in price, however with the popularity the 360 has gained, it only makes sense that game titles are becoming cheaper. For example, if you wait a year on sports titles, you can buy last year’s title at a discount of 75% rather than dishing out $60 for this current year’s title. Remember to take advantage of buying used, however be forewarned that publishers are starting to combat used games by offering limited DLC for buyers who purchase a title new.

So there you have it. Eight tips that can help you prolong your Xbox 360 as well as save you money in the long run. Remember to think wise about preserving your console and buying cheap games, otherwise you risk wasting money.